Pennsylvania Superintendent Suggests Arming Teachers With Baseball Bats Not Guns

We previously told you about a Superintendent in Pennsylvania who suggested arming students with rocks as a way to combat school shootings. Not to be outdone, another Superintendent also in Pennsylvania is proposing arming teachers with mini baseball bats.

William Hall, Superintendent of the Millcreek Township School District isn’t even sure if the bats will actually be helpful in defending against an active shooter. But he says it’s better than what they had previously, which is nothing.

Hall stated that the 600 16-inch bats cost about $3 each, which is much cheaper then arming them all with guns. So perhaps this still isn’t the worst idea yet. If anything, you could at least use the bat to take out your frustrations by destroying the office copy machine in a meadow with fellow co-workers.

We’re just wondering if he received his influence from “The Walking Dead,” or if he’s just always aspired to star in his own “Lean On Me” remake.

Read more at The New York Times.