80% of LAUSD Seniors Apply to College. Here Are Their Top 10 Choices.

Eight in ten seniors with the Los Angeles Unified School District apply for college and more than half of them hope to attend a four-year university. Those figures come from a brand new study from the Los Angeles Education Research Institute, released for the first time in conjunction with the Los Angeles Unified School District.

“L.A. Unified Students’ Pathways to College: Four-Year College Application Patters” was released last week, based on survey responses from some 17,200 LAUSD seniors last year. In addition to confirming just how many LAUSD students hope to attend college, it lays out the most popular institutions for higher education.

Some highlights:

• 80% of LAUSD 12th-graders in the class of 2017 submitted applications to at least one college. Nationwide, that number was 83%.

• 64% of LAUSD students applied to at least one four-year college in 2017. However, only a little over half of those students were eligible to apply to the state’s four-year colleges.

• Four-year college application rates were lowest among whites, and more females than males are applying for universities. The highest percentage of females applying to a four-year university among the ethnic groups were Asian Americans (86%).

• Latinos and African Americans with the same GPA scores as whites were less likely to apply to a four-year college.

• LAUSD seniors apply to more colleges than their national counterparts. 52% of students applied to four or more colleges, compared to 21% nationwide.

Here were the most popular school choices among seniors:

1. CSU Northridge (32%)

2. CSU Los Angeles (31%)

3. CSU Long Beach (26%)

4. UCLA (21%)

5. UC Irvine (20%)

6. CSU Fullerton (17%)

7. CSU Dominguez Hills (17%)

8. UC Santa Barbara (15%)

9. UC Riverside (14%)

10. UC San Diego (14%)

Read the study here and see a breakdown from the Daily Breeze