Cal State Would Use Newsom’s Funding Boost to Up Enrollment, Graduation Rates

A week after Gov. Gavin Newsom proposed the largest ever state funding increase for the California State University system, its trustees announced they will consider enrolling thousands of additional students and implementing new programs to help improve graduation rates.

Newsom proposed his 2019-2020 budget on Jan. 10. Among its most generous elements is a $300 million increase in permanent funding for the 23 campuses that make up the Cal State system.

The monies would help Cal State enroll more than 8,100 additional students in 2019-20. It would also help fund an initiative that seeks to boost graduation rates to between 40% and 70% by 2025.

Cal State graduation rates are already at an all-time high. By shortening the time it takes to graduate by just one semester, students could save an additional $1,300 in education costs and get an earlier start in their careers, said Chancellor Timothy P. White.

"Governor Newsom called for Californians to prove that people of good faith and firm will can still come together to achieve big things,” White added in statement. “The CSU is the key to the state's future, and there is no better investment for the California he envisions.”

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