Report: Community College Transfers Exceed Expectations at Selective Four-Year Universities

Community college may be the key to ensuring higher rates of student success at selective universities, according to a new report released this month by the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation.

The report looked at graduation rates at competitive four-year schools and found that community college transfer students performed equal to or better than those who entered the institutions as freshmen. Those who transferred from community college were more likely to graduate than students who transferred from another four-year university.

“These new findings show that community college transfers are competitive students for highly-selective institutions and dispel widely-held misperceptions about these students’ academic capabilities and perseverance,” said Dr. Jennifer Glynn, director of research at the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation and author of the report. “Community college transfer students are ready to meet selective institutions’ rigorous academic standards and earn their bachelor’s degree.”

The findings also suggest that competitive colleges could benefit from increasing the number of applicants they accept from community college.

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