Underserved Students Can Now Attend Cerritos College for Two Years Free of Charge

Cerritos College in Norwalk is expanding a program that offers free tuition to underserved students, becoming one of 13 colleges to provide applicable candidates with the first two years of education free of charge.

Cerritos College announced the expansion of its Complete Program Tuesday. For the past five years, that program has provided one year of free tuition to students who qualify.

“Previously funded by local dollars, the program is now funded through AB 19 and includes more districts near the college,” KTLA reports. “The program is now also available to athletes and those who have a high school equivalency, said Raquel Lizarraga, coordinator for educational partnerships at the school.”

Participants not only receive the $2,000 worth of free tuition, but also benefit from early enrollment and one-on-one counseling services. So far, the program has benefited 2,500 students.

Thanks to the Complete Program, “every single one of our students is able to attend college regardless of their financial situation, immigration status, regardless of their background,” said Cerritos College President and Superintendent Jose Fierro.

To learn more about the program and eligibility, click here