Migrant Farmworker Graduates From Cal State Monterey With Honors at 58

No matter who you are or where you come from, it’s never too late to get an education and pursue your dreams.

Take it from Adolfo González, 58. The former farmworker, who entered the U.S. without legal status in 1986 and spent 18 years harvesting celery in Salinas, graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from California State University, Monterey Bay on May 18. He’ll now be pursuing his teaching credentials with the hope of making a difference in the lives of students in Monterey County. Eventually, he hopes to get a Master’s in Education.

“It’s not a unique story,” he told the Californian of his journey from GED to college diploma. “But it’s a story of my success, of how I worked hard to get my education… I have done this for my family, for my community.”

González’s instructor Robert Paden called him an inspiration for the school’s students and the larger community of Salinas.

“It’s kind of like the American dream we want to believe in.”

González‘s triumph shows we can.