CTA Spends Mega Bucks to Clamp Down on Charter Schools

The California Teachers Association has spent more money lobbying Sacramento politicians than any other group this year. Most of it has gone into campaigns aimed at cracking down on charter school growth.

So far this year, the CTA has spent $4.3 million on lobbying efforts, the Sacramento Bee reports.

“That’s about as much as the union spent during the entire two-year legislative session from 2017-2018, when it was the 10th biggest spender.”

$3.6 million of that money was doled out between April and June when the CTA supported two assembly bills (AB 1505 and AB 1507), which would give local districts and county offices of education more control over charter authorization and keep any new charter schools within the authorizing district’s boundaries.

The CTA’s lobbying efforts have dwarfed even those of the Western States Petroleum Association and Chevron this year.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2021 - 06:59

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