These San Diego Area Schools Would Be Most Impacted by New Vaccine Law

California’s new vaccine law goes into effect just over one year from now. Which schools will be most impacted by the crackdown on medical exemption waivers?

SB 276 invites state scrutiny when a school’s vaccination rate dips below 95% and when one physician writes more than five exemptions in a calendar year.

Given those provisions, Voice of San Diego calculates the 19 San Diego area schools that would be most affected, along with their respective vaccination rates:

Learning Choice Academy (rate: 53)
Innovations Academy (rate: 72)
Museum (rate: 83)
San Diego Cooperative Charter (rate: 86)
Crown Point Elementary (rate: 87)
Keiller Leadership Academy (rate: 89)
Epiphany Prep Charter* (rate: 89)
Iftin Charter* (rate: 89)
Elevate Elementary (rate: 90)
Ocean Beach Elementary (rate: 90)
Old Town Academy K-8 Charter* (rate: 90)
Joyner Elementary (rate: 91)
Alcott Elementary (rate: 92)
Golden Hill K8 (rate: 92)
High Tech Elementary Explorer (rate: 92)
Juarez Elementary (rate: 92)
Bird Rock Elementary (rate: 93)
Angier Elementary (rate: 94)
Harriet Tubman Village Charter (rate: 94)