Four Ways Schools Can Protect Themselves from Cyber Threats

As we approach 2020, school districts would be wise to make better cybersecurity a goal for the new year. But that begs the question: how can administrators ensure their systems are safe?

EdScoop has four suggestions for districts wanting to increase cyber protection. These include frequently and thoroughly educating staff, utilizing network filters, creating disaster plans, and knowing the life of their data.

This starts with knowing where your primary and backup data is stored, whether on-site or in the cloud. Schools should also classify their data — as public, internal-use only, etc. — so they know who can view it, modify it and dispose of it. Additional questions include: Who has access to data on site and at a vendor? How do the vendors treat your data? And if you leave a vendor, what is their policy for destruction and disposal of data?

Learn more about how schools can shield themselves from cyber threats here


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