This Map Shows Which High Schools Are Sending the Most Students to UC and CSU Schools

Which high schools are sending the most students to four-year state universities? EdSource lays it out with a new interactive map showing enrollment percentages by area.

EdSource analyzed data from the California Department of Education, the University of California, and the California State University system. That data shows one in five high school seniors enrolled in a four-year state university in 2018. Users can click the color-coded dots on EdSource’s map or search by high school.

One revealing fact from the data is that rural high schools are sending fewer students to Cal State and CSU schools.

CalSchoolNews used the database to search some of the state’s largest high schools. Here is what we found:

  • Paramount High School sent 42 seniors to UC schools and 263 to CSU. That’s 26.9% enrolled at a UC or CSU school.
  • Long Beach Polytechnic High School sent 123 seniors to UC and 219 to CSU. That’s 34% enrolled at a UC or CSU school.
  • Downey High School sent 54 seniors to UC and 250 to CSU. That’s 29% enrolled in the UC or CSU systems.
  • Eleanor Roosevelt High School in Eastvale sent 110 students to UC and 161 to CSU. That’s 25%.



Tuesday, April 6, 2021 - 06:59

The school advocacy group, Great Public Schools Now, released a report last week detailing the pandemic’s impact on students in the state’s largest school district, LA Unified.