New Education Laws Take Effect in California

2020 is finally here and the new year will bring a handful of changes to California’s public education system. From new policies on student discipline to tighter charter regulations, students, parents and administrators can expect some shifts and turns.

CalSchoolNews has been covering the education bills taking effect this year. These include:

  • AB 1505, which gives more power to school districts in the charter approval process. 
  • SB 265, which prohibits schools from denying lunch to students with outstanding lunch debt. 
  • SB 419, a ban on willful defiance suspensions, which takes effect this summer. 
  • AB 711, which requires schools to update past GEDs, diplomas, and transcripts upon request to reflect an individual’s stated name or gender. 

Voice of San Diego also has a primer on new laws impacting education in 2020. Read more here



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