Santa Clara County Board of Education Gives Charter School a Second Chance

The Santa Clara County Board of Education has voted 5-2 to reverse the Franklin-McKinley School District’s decision to close an award-winning charter school. The decision grants an appeal to Cornerstone Academy to renew its charter petition.

The move was met with celebration and tears from Cornerstone parents, the Mercury News reports.

The initial vote to close the San Jose charter was 3-2. The school board said Cornerstone failed to serve students with moderate or severe disabilities and did not enroll enough Latinos. It also cited declining test scores among those with special needs.

When it went before the county, Cornerstone argued that there had been a miscommunication. While the school does not have special ed teachers with specific credentials for “moderate/severe disabilities,” it has teachers that can and do service these students. The school also agreed to improve transparency efforts and recruitment of Latino students.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2021 - 08:22

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