Santa Ana Schools Are Closed But Teachers Have Been Told to Show Up Anyway

Although the Santa Ana Unified School District has shut its doors, teachers have been asked to continue showing up to school. The policy seems to fly in the face of health experts’ recommendations. Santa Ana teachers are hoping it will change.

They’re in luck. On Monday, Deputy Superintendent Alfonso Jimenez said it was “more than likely” that, by Wednesday, staff would be asked to work remotely (Orange County Register). 

The Santa Ana Unified School Board opted to close all schools on March 13. The status of teachers came up for discussion. Trustee Valerie Amezcua argued teachers have a duty to come to school.

“When you take a job in certain fields, you are mandated to be emergency responders,” she said.

The California Teachers Association disagrees and says teachers should stay away from campuses to protect both their own health and that of others.