Financial Strain Grows for LAUSD

The Los Angeles Unified School District is hurting. Supt. Austin Beutner told the Los Angeles Times that LAUSD is expecting some $200 million in additional costs because of the coronavirus and it isn’t clear where the money will come from. The expenses include $78 million for food aid, $50 million for expanded summer courses, $31 million to train teachers in online instruction, $9 million for safety equipment, and $23 million to get low-income children connected to the Internet.

The district may find itself in violation of balanced budget requirements unless the state relaxes those rules, as is expected. The state itself is confronting serious budgetary issues and school districts are worried about potential cuts to education.

"We know the crisis is having a big impact on the students and families we serve and it’s having a big impact on school budgets as well,” said Beutner. “The most immediate challenge is to make sure we take care of students, help them continue to learn and help students, families, most in need.”