Riverside Offers Activities and Resources for Kids and Teens

Almost every California public school has shut down in response to the coronavirus threat. That has left millions of kids under-stimulated, anxious, and in limbo. And it has left millions of parents pulling out their hair.

Riverside County has some ideas. In a lengthy press release, officials have offered over 30 links to online activities, including virtual museum tours, operas, podcasts, YouTubeChannels, and book clubs for all ages. The release also provides activity tips such as writing letters to U.S. troops, STEM experiments to do from home, card games, workouts, money budgeting lessons, and more.

We’ve seen quite a few “what to do with your kid” lists since this whole ordeal began and we can confidently say this is one of the best there is.

Be sure to check out Riverside’s Activities and Educational Resources for Kids here