CDE Launches Emergency Response Fund for Schools Impacted by Disasters

The California Department of Education has unveiled a new Emergency Response Fund to help secure assistance for school communities ravaged by recent disasters. The fund was launched in partnership with the Californians Dedicated to Education Foundation (CDEF) on Thursday.

“It has been amazing to witness the strength and compassion of Californians in response to this devastating wildfire season. Several county offices of education mobilized immediately to gauge need and work with us to direct supplies,” said Jessica Howard, Chief Executive Officer of the CDEF, in a news release. “Building on other successful partnerships with the California Department of Education, we will provide rapid and flexible support to those in need and ask you to contribute to the CDE Emergency Response Fund so we can continue this important work." 

Last month alone, over 23,000 students in California were living in known wildfire evacuation zones at one point in time.

Those interested in donating to the new fund can do so here



Tuesday, March 2, 2021 - 06:57

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