Poll: Voters Want Face Masks, Other Safety Precautions Before Schools Can Reopen

Parents are eager to send their children back to school. But the majority of California voters want adequate measures to mitigate the risks. In a survey published by the California Teachers Association on Thursday, 85% said they expect “major changes” as schools reopen to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

60% of respondents said they find face masks, testing and tracing, proper ventilation, pupil distancing, reduced class sizes, daily nurse access, and health screenings essential. 62% of voters would not be comfortable sending their children back into classrooms yet. The survey also found majority support for the state’s tiered system. 40% think classrooms should remain closed until there is a vaccine.

The results of the survey indicate public opinion is mostly aligned with the California Teachers Association’s stance on reopening.

“It makes only common sense that we look at the science, and we take care of our students and our teachers,” said E. Toby Boyd, president of the California Teachers Association. “Before we open schools, we can’t do it unless we are safe. And that has been what we’ve been saying. And the research has showed us that we have been on the right track.”

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