Pritzker Foundation Pledges $100 Million in California Community College Scholarships

Help is on the way for some of California’s struggling college students. The Jay Pritzker Foundation pledged $100 million in scholarships Tuesday for California community college students facing financial difficulties. It is the largest donation ever made to an American community college system.

Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley called it “life-changing.”

“I hope this will challenge other donors throughout the country to rethink higher education giving and re-examine the focus on selective, four-year institutions. This gift will go directly to support some of the most talented and under-resourced students in America,” he added.

“We believe community colleges are a great underutilized resource that can help close the widening education gap, income gap and make our country more equitable,” Dan Pritzker said.

The 20-year pledge comes at a critical time. 57% of the state’s community college students have faced housing or food insecurity according to a survey released earlier this year.

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