L.A. School Board Gives Low Performing Charter Schools a Second Chance

The Los Angeles Unified School Board has approved its first round of charter school renewals since Assembly Bill 1505 took effect. Out of the 26 applications the Board considered, 4 could have been denied under the new law. But it approved all of them anyway, citing “unprecedented circumstances” related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Assembly Bill 1505 represented the most significant set of regulations governing California charter schools in their 27-year history. Among other things, it laid out specific criteria, through the California School Dashboard, that can cause a charter school to be denied renewal.

The 4 schools that met criteria for denial are Ánimo Ellen Ochoa Charter Middle School, Ánimo Legacy Charter Middle School, Arts in Action Community Middle School, and PUC Excel Charter Academy. The extensions for PUC Excel and Ánimo Ellen Ochoa — the lowest performing schools on the list — were opposed by Board members Jackie Goldberg and Scott Schmerelson.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2022 - 06:30

An elementary school in Kern County’s Tehachapi Unified School District has approved an “After School Satan Club,” sponsored by the Satanic Temple and the religious freedom organization Reason Alli