Bernie Sanders’ Now Famous Mittens Were Hand-Knit by a Vermont School Teacher

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re familiar with the Bernie Sanders inauguration meme. The now iconic image of Bernie Sanders at the ceremony, bundled up in a practical brown jacket and hand-made mittens, has taken the world by storm. The photo has since been turned into thousands of hilarious memes. What you may not know is that those cozy, unassuming mittens were hand-knit by a Vermont school teacher. And she’s relishing the publicity.

“I was like, 'There they are,'" Jen Ellis, an elementary school teacher in Vermont's Essex-Westford School District, recalls about the moment she spotted Sanders wearing the mittens she knit on TV (NBC 5). “I love it that he loves them, and that he wears them," Ellis said. "And I'm totally honored that he wore them today."

Ellis made the green-friendly mittens from recycled materials. She gave them to a relative of Sanders who owns the daycare her daughter attended. She hasn’t met the senator in person. But after all the joy and laughter her mittens have sparked, we hope she'll meet him soon.