Getting Your COVID Vaccine? Give Thanks to This SoCal Superintendent and His Teenage Daughter.

The coronavirus vaccine breakthrough would never have happened without the hundreds of thousands of volunteers who signed up to participate in clinical trials. Among them was Las Virgenes Unified Superintendent Dan Stepenosky and his 16-year-old daughter Kearston, who “lobbied” her parents to get involved in the Pfizer trial in October.

The two recently spoke to the Los Angeles Times about their experience

“I wanted to help,” said Kearston. “I had a lot of admiration for all the research that went into making the vaccine. I thought it was a great opportunity to step up and participate. There was no going back. I was pestering him.”

Kearston’s participation was especially important, given her age. Successful testing on adolescents, which Pfizer began in September, has allowed the company to begin trials with children.

Neither Kearston nor her father know if they received a true vaccine or a placebo. Kearston developed some chills and body aches. Her father experienced no side effects at all.

“I have absolutely no regrets,” Kearston told the Times. “I’m incredibly grateful.”

Likewise, we’re grateful for people like Kearston and her father.



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