Fresno Unified Trustee Called Out for “Racist” Comments

Fresno Unified School District Trustee Terry Slatic is in the news again — this time for appearing to suggest that heavily Black and Latino schools need stricter security than majority white ones.

“Bullard High School has a more ethnically diverse student population than the majority of other Fresno Unified district high schools,” Slatic said at the virtual school board meeting on Feb 10 during a discussion over a fence replacement at Bullard High School. “Fences exist at many FUSD schools and high schools to limit entry and exit points to the campus and help manage campus safety.”

Trustees Veva Islas and Elizabeth Jonasson-Rosas called Slatic out, with Veva Islas describing his comments as “racist.”

“Fresno PD will tell you, trustees, if you were to inquire that the diversity of the student population has a direct correlation and causation with gang activity,” Slatic replied. “It’s the way it is, trustees, whether you like that narrative or not. Ask your favorite cop. So it’s not me saying it, ask (police). I know you’re very anti-cop, Trustee Islas.”

Slatic has since said he did not mean to suggest that ethnically diverse schools are in need of more security, but that schools with high district transfers are.

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