State Releases Interactive School Reopening Map

The State Department of Public Health released an interactive map of school reopenings on Friday, providing a window into the inequities plaguing the education system during the pandemic.

One thing the map shows is that white students are more likely to be receiving some form of in-person instruction than Black, Latino, or Asian kids. That’s based on the demographic makeup of the regions and schools that remain all virtual vs. those that have reopened classrooms. The more populated an area tends to be, the less likely schools are to be open.

By extrapolating that data, EdSource estimates that almost 90% of Black students, 85% of Latino students, and 81% of Asian students are still in virtual learning. For white students, that figure is 64%. Overall, 79% of students remain in distance learning.

In addition to a rural-urban divide, the map underscores the disparity between public and private education. Unlike public schools, most private schools are offering some form of in-person instruction.

Gov. Gavin Newsom was hoping to reach a deal on school reopenings with the Legislature on Friday, but no announcement came. An agreement could be forged this week.


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