Tony Thurmond Unveils New Grading Guidelines

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond has announced new student grading guidelines, as young people — and especially those from disadvantaged communities — continue to struggle with online learning.

“The new guidance includes research-based approaches to grading that may be especially helpful if students are not in class and access to technology and learning supports may be unequal,” the California Department of Education said in a press release. “These include replacing grading quantities, such as the extent to which students have completed assignments, with grading qualities in student work that reflect students’ current achievement level at the time, and using flexibility in timing the collection of evidence for grading decisions so students are graded on the learning they do, not when they do it.” 

The pandemic has been extremely hard on students, noted Deputy Superintendent Daniel Thigpen.

“We have some students who are taking care of younger siblings, maybe both parents are working, maybe some of the students themselves are essential workers, and our teachers have recognized that those students need more flexibility,” he said