CSU and Cal State Will Require Vaccines for Students and Staff

In a major announcement Thursday, the California State University and University of California systems said students and staff at all of their campuses would need to receive a COVID-19 vaccine before returning to in-person work or instruction this fall. The directive would take effect once the vaccines have full approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (right now, they are still operating under Emergency Use Authorization).

CSU Chancellor Joseph Castro called it “the most comprehensive and consequential university plan for COVID-19 vaccines in the country.”  It would impact over 1 million people.

California Faculty Association President Charles Toombs told EdSource he is gathering feedback from members before entering into discussions with the colleges.

“This is a change to our working conditions, so we’ll need to get input from our members on what a required vaccination would mean to them,” he told the publication.

“Our position has always been that we want the vaccines accessible and available, and we hope as many people will get it as possible, but some people may not for either medical or religious reasons, or there could be other grounds that we are not aware of yet.”

The California Community College system is taking a different position so far, leaving vaccine decisions up to the 73 local districts that oversee the state’s community colleges.