Supreme Court Justices Call for More Civics Education in Schools

Supreme Court justices Neil Gorsuch and Sonia Sotomayor may be viewed as polar opposites on the Court, but one thing they agree on is the need to preserve American democracy. The two are calling for improvements in civic education to instill democratic values among future generations and preserve the integrity of the republic.

“Democracies crumble from within. They crumble. And there becomes a hunger for a certain faction to take over because they are intolerant of others,” Gorsuch warned.

His comments came just a few months after Trump supporters staged an attack on the US Capitol after hearing election falsehoods from the very president who appointed Gorsuch to the bench.

Justice Sotomayor noted that federal funding for STEM education equates to around $50 per pupil per year. Civics education receives just a fraction of that at around five cents per pupil annually.

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