Lack of diversity puts Los Altos charter school on thin ice

Bullis Charter School in the Los Altos School District received a warning from Santa Clara education officials last week over a persistent lack of diversity among enrollees. The school must develop a plan to enroll more low-income students, Latino students, and students with disabilities. If matters don’t improve, the charter could be shut down.

“BCS's enrollment data, as well as the data provided by BCS about the results of its open enrollment process for the 2021-2022 school year, continue to indicate that BCS is not serving all pupils who wish to attend," the Santa Clara County Board of Education said in its report. "The demographic data indicate that the percentage of BCS's enrollment of some pupil groups has actually decreased, rather than increased."

Lack of diversity at BCS has been a concern for years. The Los Altos School District asked the county to intervene in 2019.

Parents who attended the May 5 meeting criticized the Board for failing to provide the demographic data they were referring to. Even trustees Grace Mah and Joseph Di Salvo, who voted for the notice of violation, questioned why the data was not presented before the vote.

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