Critical Race Theory Fuels Recall Tsunami

Every generation has its educational culture crusade. After the 1962 Engel v. Vitale decision, school prayer dominated school board meetings and legislative agendas. Today, the outrage is over Critical Race Theory (CRT) — a much less defined and poorly understood concept that stresses the role of systemic racism in American life and history.

Though the specter of CRT may be exaggerated, the backlash is very real. Conservative Republicans are fueling a revolt that has culminated in 51 K-12 school board recall efforts targeting at least 130 elected members, per Axios. That's more than twice what we see in a typical year.

California is ground zero. Twenty-two of the recall efforts are right here in California.

In the middle of the fight is a political action committee led by former Trump Justice Department official Ian Prior. He’s trying to recall school board members in Loudoun County, Virginia who belonged to an anti-racism group on Facebook. A group led by Trump’s former budget director offers model legislation banning CRT in schools.

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