Fairfax School Board Removes Palmer Moland as President

The embattled president of the Fairfax School Board, Palmer Moland, was removed from his leadership position on July 8. Moland will remain on the board but will no longer serve as president following the unanimous vote.

Moland has been the subject of multiple controversies and is accused of harassment and bullying of colleagues. In a scathing May audit, the Kern County Grand Jury called for Moland’s removal, saying his poor leadership had contributed to major dysfunction on the board. 

The board was divided on Moland’s successor. A 3-2 majority ultimately chose Trustee Alma Rios as the board’s new president. Rios, along with Moland and Trustee Jose Luis Tapia, are targets of a recall campaign.

In another divided vote, the board opted not to censure Moland.