FPPC Investigating Fairfax Unified Board Members

Another day, another dramatic development at the Fairfax Unified School District. The Fair Political Practices Commission has now opened an investigation into three of its board members, according to Bakersfield.com.

The investigation is a response to a complaint filed Feb. 2 by Lisa Smith, a teacher at Fairfax Junior High who alleged three board members violated the state's laws on conflicts of interest. The complaint also alleged Trustee Palmer Moland used the school district's equipment, such as computers, printers, laminating machines and other district assets, while he was running for office.
Moland denied the allegations and said he funded his own campaign and purchased supplies through OfficeMax.

Moland is the board’s former president (he was recently stripped of his leadership). The other trustees under investigation are Jose Luis Tapia and the new school board president Alma Rios.

The FPPC complaint was filed a week after Moland, Rios and Tapia voted in favor of an emergency resolution to bring on Fagen, Friedman & Fulfrost as an outside law firm. Smith's complaint alleged that this was a conflict of interest for Moland because the firm was hired solely to deal with a failed censure resolution brought against Moland in December.

The complaint also accused Moland of harassment.

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