Excitement, Confusion and Long Lines as LA Students Return to School

Students at the second largest school district in the country returned to in-person learning Monday for the first time in nearly 18 months. It was an exciting moment for many students, parents, and staff. It was also fraught with anxiety, thanks to the rapid spread of the coronavirus Delta variant.

To ease concerns and help ensure safety, LAUSD required all new and returning students to pass a COVID test. But the testing regimen itself led to long lines and confusion, as many students had trouble showing verification of their negative test results.

Los Angeles school officials said Monday that the health check-in process for getting students into schools was slow, but they hoped to see improvements in the coming days.
LAUSD Supt. Megan Reilly said she believed that the vast number of people trying to access the Daily Pass app before the start of the school day may have caused the slowdown.

“Daily Pass was slow,” she said while visiting the Girls Academic Leadership Academy, adding that the district is working with the vendor to increase capacity. Asked if it would be fixed by Tuesday, she said she would know more Monday night. — Los Angeles Times 

Troubles with the district’s app and Daily Pass system led to extremely long entry lines at some LAUSD schools, with some students waiting up to 40 minutes to get in. The district said it is working with the vendor to fix the problem. No guidance was offered for parents should they experience similar problems again.

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