OC Board of Education Loses Battle Over Face Masks

The California Supreme Court has rejected a petition from the Orange County Board of Education challenging the state mandate on face coverings in schools.

The petition was filed on Aug. 10 and the decision to deny the case came eight days later.

"I am surprised it was that quick to be honest with you,'' Orange County Board of Education Member Tim Shaw told City News Service.

"But I think we still have some legal options -- maybe starting out at a lower court and working our way up. We'll have to decide if we want to do that or not and what the legal questions are.''

The CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics both recommend face coverings in schools, regardless of vaccine status. OCBOE, however, says the mask mandate lacks a “sound medical or scientific basis.”

The public is also solidly on the side of face masks on campus. A YouGov poll released last month shows three in five Americans favor mask requirements for K-12 students.

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