Anti-Mask Protesters Harass Students in Huntington Beach

For months, anti-mask protesters have unleashed chaos at school board meetings and outside public servants’ homes. Now they’re targeting children at our public schools.

Last week, demonstrators showed up at Huntington Beach High School to protest the face covering policy there. Video of the protest shows them harassing students as they were let out of class, with one man mocking them as “sheep” and “zombies” who are being indoctrinated into communism.

It got worse. As students began taking sides, a physical altercation broke out. At one point, a person — since identified as a student — is seen ripping another student’s mask off. The young man responds by throwing a punch. Huntington Beach police say they are investigation and there have been no charges filed. 

Parents who later watched the video were shocked to see adults verbally harassing minor students.

One exhausted high schooler summed up his feelings in an interview with Fox 11:

“We’re just high schoolers. We just had a long day of school. We just don’t really have the energy to deal with these people."