Sacramento Area Teacher to Be Fired After Viral Video

A high school government teacher with the Natomas Unified School District is facing termination after encouraging his students to participate in political activities organized by the left-wing group Antifa.

Gabriel Gipe’s views came to light after the right-wing ‘guerilla journalism’ group Project Veritas released a video of one of its undercover reporters speaking with the teacher. Gipe said he gets “180 days” to turn his students into political revolutionaries and that he does it “by scaring the f*ck out of them.” He admitted to offering extra credit for participation in Antifa-related events. He also said he makes students divulge their political views to be posted publicly in his classroom next to their picture. Then he watches those views change over the course of the semester.

“On his classroom wall, Gipe had an Antifa flag and a Mao Zedong poster,” CalCoastNews’ Josh Friedman reports. “He also used stamps with images of Josef Stalin, Fidel Castro, Kim Jong Un and others to mark students’ work as complete, according to the Natomas Unified School District.”

Parents and community members demanded Gipe’s termination after the video was released. An investigation by NUSD found Gipe had violated several district guidelines. One of those guidelines, according to Superintendent Chris Evans, is that “you may not use the authority of an office or employment to encourage or discourage political activity by any other person.”

Antifa is a loosely organized movement dedicated to opposing fascism in the United States. Its members regularly confront far-right protesters as well as government officials and members of law enforcement. Some members of the group engage in violence or counter-violence.

Project Veritas has its own dubious history, which includes shadowy foreign funding, deceptively edited videos, and legal troubles. Despite its controversial past, Superintendent Evans agreed to sit down with the group for an uncut interview, available here

Gipe is one of a number of teachers who have already made headlines in the political culture wars this school year. His impending termination – as well as Project Veritas’ efforts to expose him – underscore the extent to which public schools have been turned into political battlefields.