Beverly Hills Restricts Protests Near Schools

The Beverly Hills City Council approved new restrictions on demonstrations Tuesday, Oct. 12 in an effort to protect the city’s students. The new ordinance prohibits protests within 300 feet of a middle or elementary school and within 100 feet of the city's high school. Following or “harassing” students on their way to or from school is also prohibited within 10 blocks of campus. Demonstrations that will produce significant noise near a school are also prohibited.

The measure was passed unanimously as an urgency ordinance, meaning it will take effect immediately. It was placed on the agenda after anti-vaccine and anti-mask activists were filmed harassing young children and their parents on their way to Hawthorne Elementary School. Police Chief Dominick Rivetti says all of the footage has been sent to the offices of the district and city attorney.

"From my perspective and from, clearly, this council's perspective, no one messes with our kids," said Vice Mayor Lili Bosse.

The Beverly Hills Fighterfighters’ Association, which received criticism for promoting the protest, has since condemned the actions of demonstrators.


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