Lawmakers in Talks to Reduce Age of Vaccine Consent, Says Tony Thurmond

The next fight over COVID-19 vaccines could center around the age of consent. On Tuesday, State Superintendent Tony Thurmond said lawmakers are considering introducing a bill that would allow minors to get vaccinated without their parents’ approval.

Currently, California residents must be 18 years old to receive the vaccine without parental consent unless they live in San Francisco where kids 12 and older can get vaccinated without parental sign-off. Washington, DC also allows minors to get vaccinated without permission

California Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (R-Rocklin) said he opposes any attempt to thwart parental control.

“Even the New York Times today reported that the risk to kids from exposure to COVID, at least for most kids, is too low to even be quantified…” Kiley told ABC News, referring to a Tuesday column by David Leonhardt. The decision to vaccinate “should be up to, parents and families to decide in consultation with their doctors," Kiley said.