Sonoma County Superintendent Steve Herrington to Retire

Steve Herrington has spent 39 years as a superintendent. In terms of challenges, none of them compare to the last four years.

“Besides the academic challenges of the job, I have had to navigate our local schools through three national disaster fires, two mass community evacuations, a federal disaster flood, mass county power outages, school closures due to air quality and a continuing worldwide pandemic,” he says. 

After all that, the Sonoma County schools Chief has decided it’s time to hang up his hat. Herrington has announced he will not seek a fourth term.

“There are many experienced district superintendents that are qualified for this job. I also have an exemplary support team of assistant and deputy superintendents that are equally qualified.”

Herrington’s accomplishments include helping to bridge the graduation gap between white and Latino students; a partnership with 10,000 Degrees that increased the number of first-generation students going to college; increased behavioral and mental health services; affordable teaching and administrative credentialing programs; and SCOE’s million-dollar scholarship program.

Herrington said his primary goal for the next 16 months will be getting 70% of Sonoma County’s 5-11-year-old students vaccinated.

Read Herrington's retirement announcement here