LA Unified won’t require Covid vaccines this year

The Los Angeles Unified School District is has reversed its mandatory COVID vaccine policy. The school board approved a proposal from Interim Supt. Megan Reilly Tuesday that suspends the student vaccine deadline until fall of 2022, allowing unvaccinated students to finish out the rest of the year on campus.

About 86.5% of students are in compliance with the mandate. But more than 30,000 students have already waited too long to meet the previous Jan. 10 deadline. Moving them into the independent study program would disrupt their education and that of their peers, said L.A. school board member Nick Melvoin.

LAUSD isn’t the only district that has reversed course. Culver City Unified, which became the first district in the country to mandate student COVID-19 vaccinations, has also removed its deadline. The Oakland Unified School Board extended its deadline by one month. Sacramento City Unified, which is facing a 60% non-compliance rate ahead of a Jan. 31 deadline, could do the same.

District officials have tried to downplay the about-face by focusing on the large number of students who have been vaccinated. But it has sent mixed signals to students and parents and could undermine credibility going forward.

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