Soulsbyville School District Backtracks on Mask Defiance

The Soulsbyville School District Governing Board has rescinded a Dec. 13 resolution to flout the state’s COVID-19 masking mandate. The board’s reversal followed legal threats from the California Teachers Association. The district was also facing potential cancellation of its insurance coverage and the loss of $500,000 in funding.

The 3-2 vote is a blow to anti-maskers who saw Soulsbyville’s initial resolution as an act of heroism. At a meeting last month, they vowed to support the school board in any way they could. One anti-mask parent said he’d give a quarter of his income to the district if it would hold the line.

A survey of more than 300 parents in the Tuolumne County school district found that 83% oppose student mask mandates. But not all of them felt the board’s defiance would be worth the financial fallout.

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