Stockton Unified’s Chief Business Officer Resigns

Another high-ranking official from the Stockton Unified School District has resigned. Chief Business Officer Marcus Battle’s resignation was accepted by the Board of Trustees on Tuesday, Aug. 16. The Board has said he left to pursue other opportunities.

Battle joins a long list of senior officials who have left in the past year:

  • Superintendent John Ramirez Jr.
  • Enrique Torres, director of constituent services
  • Roxanna Villasenor, assistant superintendent of educational services
  • Benard Veasley, director of transportation, 
  • Adan Lupercio, director of community relations and business development

A recent grand jury report blasted SUSD for financial mismanagement and a lack of transparency that has sowed public distrust. That same report said the district had not conducted a proper search or screening process before hiring Battle. It also flagged a lack of communication between Battle and staff

The district has been holding town hall meetings on the grand jury report since Aug. 4. However, the Board recently voted 5-2 to stop the town halls for the time being. The “No” votes were cast by AngelAnn Flores and Maria Mendez, who characterized the decision as a betrayal to the public. The board’s majority cited “nasty” comments from members of the public and an overall atmosphere of vitriol. 

At the Aug. 16 meeting, leaders approved a contract with Ryland School Business Consulting for financial planning and business services. 

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