Conservatives Are Going to the Mat for School Boards, But Unions Still Lead With Cash

Conservative PACs have spent at least $1.8 million to win influence over local school boards on November 8. It’s a ton of cash. But, as The 74’s Mike Antonucci notes, it’s still trumped by union spending

The California Teachers Association alone is spending $1.8 million to support 287 candidates across 125 districts. That’s on top of spending by local union groups.  

There are hundreds of school board races where the GOP hopes to be victorious, including but not limited to the following:

  • Chino Valley School Board (Sonja Shaw)
  • Tustin Unified School Board (Kelly Felton)
  • Palo Alto Unified School Board (Ingrid Campos)
  • Campbell Union School Board (Vivian Mills, Alan Crownover, and Jon Freedman)
  • Fremont Union High School Board (Linda Price)
  • Morgan Hill Unified School Board (Dennis Delisle and Pamela Gardiner)
  • San Jose Unified School Board (Andres Macias)
  • Dry Creek Elementary School Board (Jean Pagnone)
  • Roseville City School Board (Jonathan Zachreson)
  • Orange County Board of Education (Bethni Lee, Penny Carter King, and Anne Purcell)
  • Capistrano Unified School Board (Kira Davis)
  • Atascadero School Board (Denise McGrew Kane)