UC Strike Enters Fourth Day

A strike launched by some 48,000 student workers at University of California schools entered its fourth day Thursday. The sit-out is affecting all 10 UC campuses.

The student workers want higher compensation and protections, in part because of high housing costs in the state. Some academic employees say they spend more than half their income on housing, and some earn less than $24,000 per year. They say the UC system has refused to even negotiate. 

Other unionized workers are standing with them in solidarity. 

“Nearly all UPS drivers in southern and northern CA have been informed by the Teamsters that they can refuse to deliver packages to the U of California during the strike. Teamsters confirmed. This will likely to have some impact on the U.C. system,” Washington Post reporter Lauren Kaori Gurley tweeted.  

Dozens of state lawmakers also sent a letter to UC President Michael Drake calling on him to negotiate with the student workers in good faith.

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