Critical Race Theory Banned in Temecula Valley Classrooms

Temecula Valley Unified has joined a growing list of school districts banning so-called Critical Race Theory (CRT) from the classroom.

The newly-elected conservative school board majority voted in favor of the resolution this month. The vote was 3-2. All "yes" votes were cast by newcomers – Dr. Joseph Wayne Komrosky (Trustee Area 4), Jennifer Wiersma (Trustee Area 3), and Danny Gonzalez (Trustee Area 2). Each of them was endorsed by the conservative Inland Empire Family PAC.

There is no evidence that any TVUSD schools teach CRT. The vote is largely symbolic and a feature of the school board culture wars. CRT has become an obsession in conservative media and political circles. In November, Republican school board candidates across the nation vowed to rid classrooms of what they call “Leftist indoctrination” on issues like race.

The resolution passed by TVUSD calls CRT "a racist ideology” that “assigns generational guilt and racial guilt for conduct and policies that are long in the past." Supporters of CRT bans generally do not believe systemic racism is an issue in America today.