Embattled Cloverdale Unified Superintendent Resigns

Cloverdale Unified School District Superintendent Betha MacClain will step down on Feb. 1 after tendering her resignation. While MacClain cited a “need to focus on family,” she has been the subject of criticism from parents of the Sonoma County district for over a year.

Frustration with MacClain began during the pandemic and first centered around her vaccine advocacy. MacClain was also criticized after CUSD placed a popular school principal on leave. A district investigation found evidence he had failed to report and investigate alleged teacher misconduct.

Criticism of MacClain came to a head in June after a brutal assault on a Washington Middle School student. The student’s mother says she had warned about the impending fight beforehand. Her daughter was hospitalized from her injuries.

Parents blamed the assault on a lack of yard supervisors and overall chaos resulting from the suspended principal’s absence. The mother of the injured girl said MacClain dismissed her concerns about a lack of staff.

Before taking over CUSD, MacClain served as superintendent of the Two Rock School District in Petaluma. She also previously served as principal of Jack London Elementary School in Santa Rosa.

The school board is now searching for a replacement. In a statement, the board said it “supports Superintendent MacClain in making the difficult decision to step away from her position to focus on her family right now.”

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