Bay Area District Sees Chaotic Debate Over Library Books

A San Francisco Bay Area town, of all places, has become the latest flashpoint in the political melee over LGBTQ-friendly books.

Last Tuesday’s meeting of the San Ramon Valley Unified Board of Education quickly devolved into shouting and chaos as parents demanded the removal of certain reading materials from the San Ramon Valley High School library.

The books include "Gender Queer: A Memoir” by Maia Kobabe. According to SF Gate, it has only been checked out twice in the past two and a half years. Upset parents alleged the book is inappropriate for minors and contains pornographic material.  

Some people who attended the meeting appeared to be under the impression that the book is being used in the classroom. According to the district, it’s merely part of the library’s sitting inventory, available for checkout. 

"I do not want children to be exposed to hetero or homosexual sexuality, I think it is like fentanyl or cocaine," Lisa Disbrow, a failed candidate for the Contra Costa County Board of Education, said at the meeting.

Another commenter raised baseless accusations about a California High School math teacher who happens to be gay. That teacher was there to defend himself. His accuser ultimately had her mic cut off after veering into an off-topic rant about the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Another resident blasted “twisted librarians” who are allegedly drawn to porn “like flies to dog poop."

The hours-long meeting ended with the school board taking no action. But make no mistake: this is an issue that won’t go away, even in the Bay.