SFUSD Pitches Largest Bond in City History

California’s large school bond passage rate will be put to the test this November when San Francisco voters decide on the largest bond in city history.

San Francisco Unified is asking for a general obligation bond totaling $1 billion.  

A recent assessment found SFUSD needs $1.7 billion for school repairs and upgrades over the next five years.

“$1 billion feels like a small number based on the size of need,” said Board of Education president Kevine Boggess.

But will voters feel the same way? SFUSD has been struggling with parent distrust and dissatisfaction. Only 11% of residents polled by the San Francisco Chronicle consider the school board leadership to be “excellent or good.”

On the other hand, local school bonds generally enjoy widespread support. A 2017 survey by the Public Policy Institute of California put bond support at 58% for likely voters.


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