Ojai Unified to Cut Dozens of Staff Positions Amid Possible Insolvency

The Ojai Unified School District will issue “preliminary” layoff notices for dozens of staff positions following a unanimous vote on March 8. The impending layoffs come as the district faces insolvency and the prospect of a state takeover.

The move will save the district an estimated $3.3-3.6 million for the next school year, OUSD President Rebecca Chandler told the Ojai Valley News.

In addition to the position cuts, the OUSD school board met in closed session to discuss the performance of District Superintendent Tiffany Morse on March 8. Only school board trustees and legal counsel were in attendance.

It’s not clear what transpired during the closed-session meeting. However, President Chandler confirmed to the Ojai Valley News on March 9 that Morse is still employed as superintendent. 


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