Pride Protest Turns Violent at Los Angeles Elementary School

A protest outside Saticoy Elementary School in North Hollywood turned violent Friday, with protesters and counter-protesters throwing punches and one person being knocked to the ground.

Parents and anti-LGBT activists were at the school to protest an assembly kicking off Pride Month. Administrators read from a book called “The Great Big Book of Families,” which showcases all different types of family units, including those with two moms or two dads.

Attendance at the assembly was optional. Nevertheless, critics accused the district of trying to “groom” and indoctrinate young children. Heated exchanges between pro and anti-LGBT activists quickly devolved and police were forced to step in and separate the protesters.

No arrests were made and no serious injuries occurred. One person was treated for minor injuries by paramedics.

In the days leading up to the protest, someone reportedly burned a pride flag belonging to a trans teacher at the school.