Rate Your Officer: How One College is Trying to Improve Interactions With Police

We live in a society that intensely values service feedback. From Yelp and Google reviews to “likes” and followers on social media, sharing our service experiences — and learning from the experience of others — is something we take for granted. It’s also a great way to hold service providers accountable. 

So, why not extend that feature to police? In light of strained police-community relations in many areas, one California university is doing just that.

EdSource reports that Sonoma State University’s police department is using an app called Guardian Score to solicit officer interaction feedback from students.

According to EdSource, “the University Police Department carries around business cards with QR codes and encourages the people they have interactions with to rate their experiences.”

“These QR codes are a great way for the citizens of our community to reach out and express both their gratitude and concerns from the interactions with us,” said Sonoma State police Sgt. Jason Hight. “I also believe that it gives citizens hope that they will be listened to and that their opinions matter.”

Read more about the program here.  



Tuesday, July 2, 2024 - 13:41

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