School Board President Urges ‘Christ-Centered Parents’ to Join School Committees

A school board president in Rocklin called on devout Christians to join the district’s curriculum advisory committees last week, eliciting condemnation from some parents.

“As your school board we have worked very hard to insist that important decisions (such as new curriculum) involve our parents. Now we need you,” Julie Leavens Hupp wrote on Facebook. “The advisory committee sign ups went out today. We need as many Christ centered, family focused parents as we can get on those committees. PLEASE take a look and see what you can commit to for the year.”  

Some members of the Rocklin School District called Hupp's remarks inappropriate and a violation of the separation between church and state. Many took to the comment section to express their disapproval.

“If you want your children to have a Christ-centered education you should send them to one of the many wonderful Christian schools in the region,” one person wrote. “Public schools are intended to cater to families from all backgrounds and religions and should absolutely not promote one religion. I hope you take the time to understand why this post is offensive and inappropriate.”

Another commenter, who described themselves as “family-focused” but not “Christ-centered,” questioned why their input was not needed on the board. Hupp replied, insisting her appeal to “Christ loving” parents wasn’t meant to be exclusionary.

"I posted on many different sites. I also asked for family centered individuals and principle centered, loving people. All faiths and child loving people are encouraged to sign up.”

Some people accused Hupp of backtracking. Others said it was time for a recall petition.

The next Rocklin School Board meeting is September 6th. Expect fireworks.